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Paycheck and Payday Information

Last updated Thursday, November 4, 2021


Payday is the 10th and 25th of each month with these exceptions:

  • If payday is on Saturday, you get paid on the Friday before.
  • If payday is on Sunday, you get paid on the Monday following.
  • If payday is on a holiday falling on a Monday, you get paid on the Friday before.

Hours worked from the 1st of the month to the 15th of the month are paid on the 25th.
Hours worked from the 16th of the month to the end of the month are paid on the 10th of the following month.

Month First Payday Second Payday
January Monday 10 Tuesday 25
February Thursday 10 Friday 25
March Thursday 10 Friday 25
April Monday 11 Monday 25
May Tuesday 10 Wednesday 25
June Friday 10 Friday 24
July Monday 11 Monday 25
August Wednesday 10 Thursday 25
September Friday 9 Monday 26
October Friday 7 Tuesday 25
November Thursday 10 Wednesday 23
December Friday 9 Friday 23

Month First Payday Second Payday
January Monday 11 Monday 25
February Wednesday 10 Thursday 25
March Wednesday 10 Thursday 25
April Friday 9 Monday 26
May Monday 10 Tuesday 25
June Thursday 10 Friday 25
July Friday 9 Monday 26
August Tuesday 10 Wednesday 25
September Friday 10 Friday 24
October Friday 8 Monday 25
November Wednesday 10 Wednesday 24
December Friday 10 Thursday 23

Print-friendly payday calendars are available in PDF format:
⇒ 2022 Payday Calendar
⇒ 2021 Payday Calendar

Workday administrators can find more detailed information at the Payroll and Workday Approval Deadline Calendar page.

The schedule of paydays is based on WAC 82-50-021. Unless exempted otherwise under the provisions of WAC 82-50-031, the salaries of all state officers and employees are paid on a lagged, semimonthly basis for the official twice-a-month pay periods established in RCW 42.16.010(1).

To be paid on each of the semimonthly paydays, your time worked and Time Off must be entered, submitted, and approved by your Time Approver prior to the Timesheet Approval Deadline. If time submitted is approved in Workday after the Timesheet Approval Deadline, your pay for that time will be processed for the following payday.

Direct Deposit

Setting Up or Changing Your Direct Deposit

You can have your paycheck electronically deposited to your checking or savings account. The University of Washington encourages all employees to use Direct Deposit.

For step-by-step guidance for setting up Direct Deposit in Workday, refer to the following resources:

Benefits of Payroll Direct Deposit include:

  • Prompt Payment Deposits are credited on payday.
  • Convenience – No special trips to deposit checks.
  • Freedom – Payments are automatically deposited to your account, even if you are out of town, ill, or campus is closed for suspended operations.
  • Peace of Mind – No worries about mail delays and lost or stolen checks.
  • Savings – No check cashing fees. Many banks offer free checking and other incentives for UW employees using Direct Deposit.
  • Sustainable – Save trees with less paper being used for printed paychecks and mailing envelopes.

Important considerations:

  • Direct Deposit can be set up with any financial institution in the United States.
  • Direct Deposit can be split among up to three different bank accounts.
  • You can enroll in Direct Deposit any time. Payment elections submitted in Workday prior to the Timesheet Approval Deadline on the Payroll and Workday Approval Deadline Calendar will be effective in time for your next paycheck.

Note for Student Employees
Your payment election in Workday only directs the deposit of your UW paycheck. If you also receive financial aid or refunds for tuition and fees, and would like any balance transferred directly to your bank account, you will need to additionally enroll in the Direct Deposit Transfer program by selecting the Direct Deposit icon found on the Student Fiscal Services homepage.

Updating Direct Deposit Payment Elections

Find step-by-step instructions for changing/updating your Direct Deposit information in Workday at the Updating Your Payment Elections section of the Payment Elections User Guide.

If you are changing your bank account information as a result of closing an account, be sure your direct deposit payment election has been updated in Workday by the deadline (minimum 5 days prior to pay date) to avoid having your funds deposited into a closed/invalid account. If the stop/change was not made in time, a paper check will be generated only after the funds are redirected back to the University by your financial institution. Exceptions cannot be made; note that this process normally takes 3-4 business days.

Understanding Your Payslip in Workday

Use the resources below to help you understand your payslip:

Still have questions?

Your Pre-Workday Payslips

You can find your payslips for paydays prior to June 27, 2017 in Legacy ESS. Only your June 15, 2017 payslip will display YTD totals.

Access to Legacy ESS requires UW NetID credentials and enrollment in Duo, UW’s two-factor authentication (2FA) solution.

Legacy ESS Access for Former UW Employees
Former employees are eligible to enroll in Duo through the remainder of the year in which they left the University, and for the three years following their year of departure. (For example, an employee who left the UW in November of 2017 will be eligible for Duo through the remainder of 2017, all of 2018, all of 2019, and all of 2020; after 2020, they are no longer eligible.)

Understanding Your Deductions

Deduction Types

Two types of deductions can be made from your paycheck:

  1. Voluntary Deductions are deductions you have elected and agreed to have withheld from your paycheck, such as benefits premiums and retirement contributions.
  2. Involuntary Deductions are deductions mandated by federal or state government or the courts to be withheld from your paycheck.

Other Voluntary Deductions

The Voluntary Deductions summarized below are handled by various UW departments and initiated in Workday by the department itself.

For questions involving these Voluntary Deductions, contact the department listed.

Deduction Category Deduction Department Contact Information
Transportation Campus U-Pass & Parking Transportation Services 206-221-3701;
Transportation HMC U-Pass & Parking HMC Parking Office 206-744-3254;
Transportation Bothell Campus Parking Bothell Parking 425-352-3246;
Transportation Tacoma Campus Parking Tacoma Parking Office 253-692-5926;
Unions Union Dues Unions Contact your Union Representative directly if you have questions.
Other Husky Card Husky Card Office 206-543-9537;
Other UW Gift Account UW Gift Account Office 206-685-9248;
Other PSO (Professional Staff Org.) PSO 206-543-4340;
Other AAUP AAUP 206-543-4793;
Other IMA Recreational Sports Program IMA Office 206-616-1142;
Other Sports Tickets UW Tickets Office 206-543-2200;
Other CFD (Combined Fund Drive Office) UW CFD Office 206-616-3678;

Withholding Orders

Upon receipt of formal documentation, the University is required by law to deduct funds as directed by the government agency or court.

The types of deductions which may be mandated include:

  • Garnishments
  • Child Support
  • Employment Security
  • Educational Loans
  • Chapter 13
  • Labor and Industry
  • Office of Finance Recovery
  • Internal Revenue Service

If you have questions regarding a Withholding Order, contact the agency responsible for the deduction or refer to the legal document you received.

If you did not receive a legal document, contact the agency to make sure that they have your correct address on file. Any Withholding Order documentation that the UW is required to send to an employee must be sent to the address provided by the agency, not to the employee’s address which is on file with the UW.

ISC Payroll does not provide copies of withholding order documents.

Changes to amounts deducted must come by notification from the agency or court. If, after contacting the agency or upon inspection of the legal document, you believe that the deduction is incorrect, contact the ISC for further review.

Adjustments and Corrections

If Your Paycheck is Incorrect

If you think you’ve been either overpaid or underpaid, review your Payslip and Worker History in Workday.

Confirm that you submitted your time prior to the Payroll deadline (if you are hourly), and make sure you haven’t had any recent changes to your salary. Contact your department’s administrator with questions.

In the event of an underpayment or other conditions, an Off-Cycle Check may be issued. If it determined you were under/overpaid, your department must submit a request to the ISC for correction. For more information, visit the Payroll Processes page.

Medical Center Employees

Medical Centers employees need to review Kronos and the Exception Schedule if you feel your Payslip is incorrect.

If you need help, contact your Payroll Specialist in the Medical Center’s Payroll Services. Replacement checks must be requested through Medical Centers Payroll Services, which also distributes replacement checks.

If You Need a Replacement Check

Replacement Checks can be issued when a paycheck is lost or stolen, damaged, or dated more than six months ago.

If the payday was recently and you receive a paper check, your paycheck may still be in the mail. Confirm your mailing address in Workday.

To request a Replacement Check, contact the ISC with the subject line “Cancel/Reissue” and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Payday date (can be found in Workday, select Payslip)
  • Net amount of check (can be found in Workday, select Payslip)
  • Reason Replacement Check is needed