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Last updated Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Request and track your Time Off in Workday.

Academic Personnel

If you are faculty, a librarian, or academic staff, time offs in Workday are typically associated to a Leave of Absence. Refer to the Academic Personnel website for information on the leave policy; refer to your unit for questions regarding your leaves.

If you are a Librarian, find information about your Time Off.

Medical Centers Employees

If you are a Medical Centers employee, continue to track and report your Time Off , including Holiday Time Off, in Kronos.

Medical Centers employees’ time off balances in Workday are as of the end of the previous pay period. For current balances, please refer to Kronos.

Staff Campus

Time Off Types

For most absences in Workday, you will make a request for Time Off (e.g., Sick, Vacation, Personal Holiday, Comp Time). Information about Time Off vs. Leave of Absence is available.

For non-exempt employees, most time offs can be entered via the Enter Time process or the Enter Absence (Time Off) process.

Note: These processes are separate and have different routing. Time offs will follow the routing workflow associated to the process via which they were entered.

If you are a Time Off-eligible employee, you can see your accrued Time Off by type and request Time Off in Workday.

An important part of managing your Time Off is understanding various types of Time Off. Click on links below for information and policies associated with each type of Time Off.

For information about other types of leave not listed here, see Time offs, leaves & holidays on the UWHR website.

Shared Leave Time Off Types
If you are a sick and vacation time off-accruing employee with adequate time off balances, you may donate vacation, sick, or personal holiday Time Off to another employee. See the following for information on donating your Time Off:

Unpaid Time Off Types
The University may allow unpaid Time Off if you don’t have enough accrued time off to cover your time away from work. Unpaid time must be approved by your supervisor. Follow the usual Enter Time or Enter Absence (Time Off) process to enter Unpaid Time Off.

Requesting Time Off

Time Off must be entered, submitted, and approved prior to the Time Period Lockout in order to receive pay for hours on your normally-scheduled payday for the pay period. The annual Paydays Calendar is available here.

Submitted Time Off will automatically route to your designated Time & Absence Approver to review and approve.

Request Time Off Quick Guide

Enter Absence (Time Off) User Guide

Correcting Time Off

Even after your Time Off has been approved, you can correct your Time Off and resubmit to your Time & Absence Approver for up to 90 days.

If you have already submitted Time Off, navigate to your absence calendar, select the previously entered time off entry, and adjust the time off type or hours as needed. Submitted Time Off will automatically route to your designated Time & Absence Approver to review and approve.

Correct Time Off User Guide


With the launch of Workday, the University now has increased visibility into paid hours and can distinguish between productive (REG) and non-productive (S/L, VAC, HOL etc.) hours.

It is the responsibility of all salaried staff, with the exception of the ICA coaches and academic personnel (who do not need track holidays in Workday), to record all paid holidays as “Holiday Taken Time Off” in Workday in order to account for non-productive work hours. This practice is consistent with the requirements to record other non-productive hours such as Sick Time Off, Vacation Time Off etc.

“Holiday Taken Time Off” needs to be recorded on the actual day of the Holiday.

If the “Holiday Taken Time Off” is not entered, Holiday Credit will accrue.

Holiday Taken Time Off Quick Guide

Information on holidays observed by the UW and eligibility for paid holidays