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Last updated Friday, August 6, 2021

What is time entry?

Time entry is the catch-all term for the process of adding, editing, removing, or otherwise managing time blocks on the timesheet in Workday.

These time blocks account for hours worked and are typically in alignment with an employee’s Work Schedule.

Do I need to enter time?

Understanding Your Job Code(s)

Before we define who enters time into Workday, you will want to be familiar with the following vocabulary terms, and know which categories you fall into.

    • Exempt (E) employees are those who are not eligible to earn overtime.*
    • Non-Exempt (NE) employees are those who are eligible to earn overtime.

*Some exempt populations are eligible for overtime, such as those covered by a labor contract or those with university-approved exceptions.

    • Salaried (S) employees are those whose Base Pay is setup at a monthly rate. This rate is split over two pay periods per month.
    • Hourly (H) employees are those whose Base Pay is setup at an hourly rate. The amount they earn each pay period is directly dependent on the number of hours they enter on their timesheets in Workday.

As a general rule (there are exceptions!), most Academic Personnel and Professional Staff are Salaried (S), and Classified Staff and Student employees can be either Salary (S) or Hourly (H) dependent on their position.

If you do not know if you are E, NE, S, and/or H, this can easily be looked up in Workday. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Workday via the Sign in to Workday link at the top of this page.
  2. Select the cloud icon at the top-right of the home screen. On hover, this is labeled “Profile.”
  3. Select View Profile under your Name.
  4. In the Job Details section, find your Job Profile. The parentheses following your Job Profile will display your NE, E, H, and/or S designation. You may also see your compensation grade (a number) or union name.

If you have more than one job at UW, each job may have a different designation. To switch between multiple jobs, select the arrow icon under your name to switch and investigate the Job Profile you have for each job. 

Employees Who Enter Time

Employees who enter time in Workday include:

  • Non-Exempt Salaried (NE S) employees
  • All Hourly (H or NE H) employees
  • Specific populations of Exempt (E) employees on campus:
    • WFSE Police Management (PM) Lieutenants
    • 1199NW Research/Hall Health
    • Applied Physics Lab (for costing purposes only)
    • Oceanography Exempt Staff (HR-approved only)
    • Excepted Staff (HR-approved only)

Employees Who Do Not Enter Time

Employees who do not enter time in Workday include:

  • Exempt Salaried Employees (E S), see the section above for exceptions.
  • Medical Centers employees enter their time in Kronos.

When and how do I enter time?

If you have determined you do enter time into Workday via the section above, it’s important to understand that time entry can be pay- and benefits-impacting! This means that knowing by when and how to enter time is core knowledge for ensuring your pay and benefits are delivered to you properly.

When do I need to enter time?

All time entered onto your timesheet in Workday should accurately account for the hours you work. In addition, the time blocks you submit are subject to approval by your Time and Absence Approver (TAA). Typically, the person with the TAA role is synonymous with your direct supervisor, but this is dependent on the unit you work for.

All timesheets must be submitted and approved by the Timesheet Approval Deadline, per the Payroll and Workday Approval Deadline Calendar. You will see this deadline on your timesheet, labeled as “Time Period Lockout,” followed by dates framing the pay period you will be locked out of making changes to.

Important Note about Deadlines to Submit

The deadlines described on the calendar page linked above are UW-wide deadlines. It is very common that units set internal deadlines earlier than those outlined in the calendar above, to give unit administrators time to audit and follow-up as needed each pay period. Be sure to check with your Time and Absence Approver to find out what your internal deadline(s) are each month.

How do I enter my time?

We provide several resources, linked below, to assist you in learning how to enter your time. Read through the description prior to choosing where you’d like to start.

Resource Description
Enter Time User Guide This is the primary User Guide for entering, adjusting, and removing time blocks on your timesheet. It outlines all of the roles and procedures involved in this Business Process.
Enter Time Quick Guide (PDF) This Quick Guide can be used as a brief reference tool for entering time.*
Overtime Concepts for Time Entry in Workday (Self-Paced e-Learning Course) This course overviews some of the key concepts and nuances for overtime in Workday. Concepts include understanding Work Schedules, and deep-dives into overtime concepts like view details, flex time, and compensatory time tags.
Enter Time – Accu-Time User Guide This User Guide is for employees who enter time via Accu-Time, a Punch In/Punch Out system that integrates with Workday. The major units that use this system are HFS, ICA, and FS.
Accu-Time Punch In/Transfer Time Quick Guide (PDF)Accu-Time Punch Out/Transfer Job or Dept Quick Guide (PDF)

Accu-Time Edit Entry Quick Guide (PDF)

These Quick Guides can be used as brief reference tools for entering and editing time via Accu-Time.* The major units that use this system are HFS, ICA, and FS.

*We do not recommend using Quick Guides as a sole resource for information, as they are intended to be job aids for those already experienced in entering time.

What if I make a mistake?

Most of the time, you are welcome to fix errors yourself and re-submit the timesheet for re-approval. There are a few additional considerations, though, detailed below.

What is the timing of the error?

The timing of these fixes does matter, though, and are heavily dependent on the Payroll and Workday Approval Deadline Calendar we mentioned earlier. Deadline distinctions for fixing mistakes are outlined below:

Use the resources we mentioned in the How Do I Enter My Time? section of this page for help with the following. Which of the following statements applies?

  • I made a mistake. If you find you’ve made an error after you have submitted your time for approval, and even after your time has been approved, you can make adjustments to your hours and resubmit your timesheet. Any changes you make after your time has approved and processed for the time period will affect your following paycheck.
  • My Time and Absence Approver found a mistake. Your Time and Absence Approver may send your timesheet back to you with comments for items to edit. Be sure to make the edits and submit the timesheet again for approval prior to the deadline.

If the University is in the middle of payroll processing, you will be locked out of making adjustments to the pay period being processed. This window will lift in accordance with the calendar. We may be able to help! Occasionally, if the mistake is caught quickly enough and/or is a simple fix, the Payroll team may be able to help. Have your unit’s administrator(s) reach out to the ISC to find out if there is anything we can do.

Which of the following statements applies?

  • I didn’t record my hours correctly, but there were no issues with my paycheck. After the Payroll Calculation Window closes, you can adjust your timesheet and re-submit it for approval to keep your records accurate. Use the resources we mentioned in the How Do I Enter My Time? section of this page for help with the following.
  • I suspect an overpayment/underpayment that I can adjust on my timesheet now. After the Payroll Calculation Window closes, you can adjust your timesheet and re-submit it for approval.  We recommend having your Time and Absence Initiate re-run the calculations on your timesheet in these scenarios. Workday should automatically pick up the issue and correct it on your next paycheck. Use the resources we mentioned in the “How Do I Enter My Time?” section of this page for help with the following.
  • I suspect an overpayment/underpayment that can’t be fixed without payroll’s intervention. We recommend checking out our Payroll Processes page for more information on overpayments and underpayments and how to get our help.

Getting Help

If you need further assistance with your time entry process, we recommend following the guidance on the How to Get Workday Help page.