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Coming Soon: 2018-2019 Academic Personnel Sabbaticals and Promotions

September 18, 2018

On September 25, Academic Human Resources and the ISC will begin uploading all 2018-2019 Sabbaticals and Promotions into Workday. All information regarding this upload has been vetted by unit administrators in order to ensure that it is correct and complete.

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NEW! “Your Monthly Tasks” on ISC Admins’ Corner

September 17, 2018

The Administrators’ Corner has a new look! Check out our new “Your Tasks This Month” column. Each month we will post a new series of Workday-specific tips, best practices and timely reminders designed to help Workday administrators and units prepare for a successful month. September Tasks are up now, and revolve around the upcoming fall quarter. Keep an eye out for October Tasks, coming soon!

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New Method for Submitting Sup Org Change Requests

September 14, 2018

In continuing efforts to improve our user’s experience, we are very pleased to announce that units can now submit their Supervisory Organization (Sup Org) Change requests through a new web forms. This process change is intended to streamline the routing of requests and speed up processing times.

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Reminder: Merit and Faculty Unit Adjustments Validation Period September 13-14

September 12, 2018

Beginning September 13, department administrators will need to review and verify the accuracy of merit and faculty unit adjustments by running the Merit Adjustment Validation R0535.2 report in Workday. If corrections are necessary (meaning that rate recommendations submitted to the Office of Planning & Budgeting and approved by Academic Personnel or HR Compensation are not accurately reflected in Workday), units will need to submit a ticket to the ISC.

Corrections must be received by the ISC by the end of day on September 14.

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Preparing for the End of the Restricted Entry Period on September 14

September 11, 2018

As a reminder, the Restricted Entry Period for merit-impacting transactions ends at noon on September 14. Once the restrictions in Workday are lifted, units can begin entering any Request Compensation Change, Change Job, and/or Change Job Data Change transactions they’ve been holding onto during the Merit restricted entry period.

Please submit your HCM transactions for the September 1-15 pay period as early as possible on the afternoon of September 14.

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Preparing for Fall Quarter Hiring

September 10, 2018

Fall is almost here… and that means many of you are probably already busy anticipating the return of students and faculty and getting ready for the start of the new semester. If you’re already in planning mode, make sure to check out our Fall Quarter in Workday page for a regularly updated and curated list of pertinent user guides, detailed instructions, important dates, and other helpful online resources you and your team can use to prepare for the autumn hiring period.

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Working With New Hires? Accurate Home Address is Critical!

September 6, 2018

As funny as it might sound, one of the most common problems we encounter in the ISC during the onboarding process for a new employee is a missing or incorrect home address.

Unfortunately, though it sounds simple, the negative impact for the employee is great: if a home address is incorrect, the employee may be offered the wrong benefits plan options, such as a medical plan outside of their service area – or worse yet, if no home address has been entered in Workday, the ISC can’t finalize benefits enrollments with the plans, which may potentially delay the employee’s ability to access coverage. In addition, a missing or inaccurate home address can delay an employee’s pay or even result in incorrect taxation.

It is critical that all employees have a correct address in Workday, and designate that address as their primary mailing address.  

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Returning Faculty from Summer Hiatus

September 4, 2018

Units may return faculty from Summer Hiatus manually at any time, following the steps outlined in the Academic Summer Hiatus User Guide following the HCM & Payroll Calendar deadlines.

Units may also choose to let the ISC do the heavy lifting for any faculty returning in the fall: on Monday, September 17 the ISC will perform a mass return for all academic personnel who were put on Summer Hiatus with an “Estimated Return Date of Leave” of September 15, 2018.

Once returned from Summer Hiatus, units need to verify the employee’s FTE, Position(s) and Compensation in order to avoid potential under- or overpayments.

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Best Practices: Contacting the ISC

September 4, 2018

As some of you have already heard, in continuing efforts to improve our service and support, the ISC has been examining our internal workflows and looking for opportunities to speed up our response time. One way you can help is by sending your Workday inquiries to rather than emailing your HCM Service Partner directly. Similarly, there is no need to “CC” your Service Partner on the tickets you create – Tier 1 will route incoming tickets directly to the Service Partner responsible.

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Entering Correct Employee Social Security Number is Critical

August 31, 2018

The ISC is seeing a high volume of incorrect or missing Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for new hires, each of which requires significant effort to research and correct. An incorrect or missing SSN can adversely impact an employee’s pay and taxes, benefits, retirement contributions, and more.

If you do not have an employee’s SSN when entering a hire, please stop and obtain the correct SSN before proceeding. If hiring a Foreign National who does not yet have a SSN, please see Guidance: Citizenship Status for Foreign Nationals in the Hire Process.

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