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Managing Your Personal and Work Information

Last updated Friday, June 21, 2019

Personal Information

Your Personal Information in Workday includes your home and mailing address(es), date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and military status. You can revise this information using the procedures in the resources below; note that certain changes to your personal information require verification.

If you want to change your Legal Name for UW employment purposes, you must first change your name on your Social Security Card. Once you’ve received your new Social Security Card, you can make the change in Workday.

Preferred Name Change

Your Preferred Name is what appears in the UW Directory and other sources of campus contact information. Most UW software and services use the Identity.UW website to determine how to display your name. Once you set your Preferred Name via Identity.UW, it should appear that way in other places.

Some UW services are required to use your Legal Name. Setting a Preferred Name will not update your Legal Name.


In Workday, you have the option to set your gender as Male or Female. A gender selection is required for the purposes of covered health services. Failure to provide this information may result in denial of services.

Information on changing your gender on your Social Security records

Date of Birth

A Date of Birth change requires the employee to provide proof of the change and ISC approval. Acceptable documentation is either a copy of your state-issued driver license (or ID card) or both your birth certificate and a current photo ID.

Change of Citizenship Status

Employees are not able to update their own Citizenship Status in Workday. If your citizenship status has changed, please contact your department or unit’s I-9 Coordinator to make the update.

Please note that you may have to provide documentation proving the change in Citizenship Status.

Emergency Contacts

You can manage your Emergency Contacts in Workday. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to edit your Emergency Contacts.

Work Information

In Workday

When you get a promotion, have a change in compensation, or move offices, your department will make the updates in Workday.

You can view your Work Information, including job details, compensation, and work history, in Workday on the Profile screen.

In the UW Directory

If you have elected to be published in the UW Directory, your work phone number(s), email address(es), and (optionally) physical address(es) in Workday will be marked Public. Work contact information marked “Public” in Workday is in turn published to the UW Directory.

If you prefer to have your departmental email address listed in the UW Directory instead of your primary UW email address, enter the departmental email address as an Additional Work Email Address in Workday – see the Edit Work Contact Information section of the Edit Personal Information User Guide.

Your entry in the UW Directory includes your Business Title and Supervisory Organization name. Departments may change the name of Supervisory Organizations; the following additional options are specifically available to Academic Personnel:

  • You have the option to “Show secondary job titles” as a means to display your Academic Title and Academic Unit.
  • If you are an Unpaid Academic, your Academic Title and Academic Unit will display instead of your Business Title and Supervisory Organization name.

Changes made in Workday are reflected in the UW Directory later in the day or the following day.