New to Workday?

Last updated Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Workday is UW’s campus-wide system for human resources, payroll and benefits. University employees use Workday to:

  • Update personal information
  • Access payslips and pay rate details
  • View benefits information
  • Manage time off and absences including holidays

The Integrated Service Center (ISC) is UW’s department for supporting all transactions within Workday, though most employees will work closely with their department administrators to handle all job-related entries and approvals.

Getting Started

Take the following steps to get up and running with Workday:

1. Ensure Your UW NetID is Active.

Make sure you know your UW NetID and password, which you will need in order to sign in to Workday.

Note: If you get an “invalid user name or password” error when logging into Workday for the first time, you likely need to link your UW NetID with your EID. You can do that at UW-IT’s UW NetID website:

  1. Select “I already have a UW NetID” then “I have a UW NetID and password.”
  2. Enter your EID and link the EID to your existing (sponsored) UW NetID.

2. Enroll in 2FA Using Duo.

Complete registration for Duo, UW’s two-factor authentication (2FA) solution. 2FA is required to sign into Workday.

3. Log into Workday and Complete Your Onboarding Tasks.

Select “Sign in to Workday” at the top right of any page on this website.

Once in Workday, select the inbox icon in the upper right corner to navigate to your Workday “My Tasks” inbox. Select the Onboarding Instructions action item, then select Submit – you will then receive several new tasks in your Workday “My Tasks” inbox (you may need to select the refresh button for these to appear).

Complete each pending onboarding task – don’t forget to select Submit for each task!

As part of your onboarding, please pay special attention to the Complete Your Form I-9 task – by federal law, your I-9 must be completed in Workday within three (3) business days of your first day of work.

If you have any questions about completing these initial onboarding steps, or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Learn to Use Workday.

Learn about using Workday by exploring our website – we especially recommend our Workday Basics for Employees page and library of step-by-step User Guides.

Administrators in your unit can assist you with most HR and payroll-related inquiries.