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Using Duo 2FA With Workday

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, adds a second layer of security when signing into systems that require a UW NetID. Normally, identity is verified with a password, but verifying with a second factor, such as a mobile phone, helps prevent anyone but the owner of an account from signing in, even if they know the password.

Because 2FA mitigates the risk of stolen passwords, it’s an effective response to current threats to UW systems and data, including employee information managed in Workday.

UW-IT has implemented Duo as the University’s 2FA solution.

Information on Duo two-factor authentication (2FA)

Enroll in 2FA Using Duo

Enrollment in Duo is available to all faculty, staff, and student employees who sign in with a UW NetID to access systems protected by 2FA, such as Workday.

Enrollment in Duo can be completed online via UW-IT’s Two-factor authentication page, linked below.

Enroll for Duo two-factor authentication (2FA)

Signing In to Workday Using Duo 2FA

Once enrolled, you can sign in to Workday using 2FA. With Duo, you have the option to use any one of the following for authentication:

Smartphone Tap to sign in
Tablet Tap to sign in
Mobile Phone Answer a call to sign in
Landline Phone Answer a call to sign in
Hardware Token Use a passcode to sign in

Quick Guide on how to log in to Workday using 2FA

2FA Step-Up and Workday

When you sign in to your Workday account, you can access most of your information with your Net ID and password. This includes entering time and requesting time off (Medical Centers employees continue to track and report time in Kronos).

When accessing more sensitive information in Workday, such as modifying your home address or payment elections, you will be prompted to use 2FA. Workday has been configured to automatically request the second authentication when necessary. This is also referred to as “step-up” or “re-authentication.” You don’t need to remember anything to complete the step-up process. When prompted, simply sign in through Duo 2FA by any of the options noted above.

Examples of Workday transactions for which an employee will be prompted to step-up with 2FA include:

Employee Step-up To
Payroll – My Payment Elections Modify
Payroll – My Payslips View and/or Modify
Payroll – My Tax Documents View and/or Modify
Home Address View and/or Modify
Government IDs View and/or Modify

Note that administrators and managers with elevated roles in Workday are always prompted for 2FA when initially signing in to the system.

Where to Get Help with 2FA

Support for 2FA at the UW is provided by UW-IT. More details about 2FA are available from UW-IT at IT Connect, which includes a 2FA FAQ.

Contact UW-IT for support at