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May 21, 2019
(1 day ago)

Now that the Suspended Operations deadlines have passed (May 14 for the UW and UW Tacoma, May 15 for UW Bothell), units will need to identify which of their employees still have a Suspended Operations balance and follow up with them immediately to complete their Suspended Operations Overpayment Repayment plan.

Why this is important: Employees who have already been paid for applicable days of Suspended Operations, and have not made up the time within the 90-day window or entered an eligible Time Off type (such as Vacation Time Off) in Workday to account for their missed time, are considered overpaid. As a state institution, the University of Washington is required by law to recover these overpaid funds.

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May 17, 2019
(5 days ago)
We are very pleased to announce that, effective Thursday, May 23, units will now have the ability to move employees to another Supervisory Organization in Workday without submitting a ticket to the ISC! This new process applies to employees from all campus populations except for retirees, academic personnel or Medical Centers employees. It can also be initiated for both filled and unfilled positions.
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May 15, 2019
(1 week ago)
When updating home addresses in Workday, please remind employees to set the Effective Date for a date AFTER they receive their last paycheck, or they could be subject to state withholding tax. If the updated address is in a state that assesses state taxes (for example, California), state taxes will be taken on the employee’s paycheck.
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May 14, 2019
(1 week ago)

In ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity and functionality of our Workday custom reports, the ISC will retire the R0332 Audit Holiday Taken Time Off report as of May 21, 2019.

As we announced earlier, we recently updated R0335 Audit Holiday Taken Time Off Report Missing Entries report to include all the same information that could be found in R0332, and for clarity, even renamed R0335 to Audit Holiday Taken Time Off as it now includes much more information than “missing entries.” Retiring R0332 will help maintain system health by streamlining our custom configurations, ensure data reliability and avoid user confusion.

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May 10, 2019
(2 weeks ago)
As of this week, approximately 520 UW employees have not made up time from the Suspended Operations days that occurred in February 2019. If employees do not make up time by the 90-day deadline (May 14 for UW and UW Tacoma, May 15 for UW Bothell), units will need to initiate the overpayment repayment process for each employee with an outstanding Suspended Operations balance – a potentially time-consuming process we think most units would prefer to avoid. Please take a moment to run the R0044 View Time Off Balances by Organization report – in the Time Off Plan prompt, select the “008 Suspended Operations Time Off Plan (hours)” option – to identify which of your employees have a Suspended Operations balance, and then follow up with them and/or their managers.
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