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Security Roles

Last updated Thursday, January 2, 2020


Security Roles define a subset of people with specific responsibilities and permissions. They:

  • Determine who can initiate, approve, and act on all business processes
  • Determine what information you can view via reports, profiles, and other informational screens
  • Can be assigned to any position, and positions can have multiple security roles to suit their needs
  • Sometimes require additional training, dependent on their level of access
  • Are specific to a set of supervisory organizations

How Do I Request A Security Role?

Medical Centers
To make changes to Security Roles, send an email to and include details about the change. A member of the WMS team will create a UW Connect ticket in order to track the request and will follow up with you for additional details, if necessary.

UW Campus
When your organization needs to change Security Roles, your Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner should submit the form at the link below.

Please remember:

  • Security Roles are assigned at a Supervisory Organization level.
  • A separate form must be submitted for each individual who requires a change to their Security Roles.
  • Any required internal department/unit approvals should be completed prior to submitting the form.
  • All required training must be completed prior to submitting the form.
  • If the role assignment is a result of a job and/or position change (i.e. promotion, transfer), confirm the Job Change is completed in Workday prior to submitting the form.


Common Security Roles

The role-specific pages linked below provide:

  • An overview of the role
  • Information about training for that role
  • Information about the role’s commonly-used resources

View Assignable Security Roles Index

How Do I Know Which Roles I Need?

Before you decide which security roles you need, you need to know:

  1. The security roles you/the worker you are investigating currently have:
    1. To see your own, run the My Supporting Roles report by typing “My Supporting Roles” into Workday’s search field. (Note that your search will be successful only if you have an elevated role; if you do not have an elevated role, the My Supporting Roles report will not appear in the search results.)
    2. To view a worker’s role assignment, from the Worker’s profile, select Related Actions > Security Profile > View Role Assignments for Worker Position.
    3. To see who is supporting you and in what capacity, click on your Supervisory Organization or Academic Unit, then click the Roles tab.
  2. What business processes will I be working with (Ex. Hiring, Entering Time, Reviewing I-9s, etc.)?
    1. To check out which bps can be executed by which roles, check out our User Guide Library.
    2. Check out the home page for each commonly used security role to see what training you’ll need.
  3. Who approves my work?
    1. Often times, knowing who your work will run through for approval will help you situate yourself on the “hierarchy” of roles. Also check out the home pages above for more on this.

Someone With A Security Role Is Leaving…

Temporarily Delegating Your Security Role

If someone is going on leave you can always delegate their security role to someone else.

Permanent Replacement

If someone is leaving permanently you may have to submit a security role change form by following the steps listed on this page to request the security role.