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Workday Releases

Last updated Thursday, October 3, 2019

Current Release: Workday 33

Twice a year, in September and March, Workday – UW’s integrated, cloud-based human resource and payroll operations system – releases major feature upgrades designed to increase functionality and enhance the user experience. On this page, learn about what changes you can expect; what steps, if any, you might need to take to prepare for the new upgrade; and what dates Workday will be unavailable during this routine maintenance.

Workday releases are numeric, similar to Apple’s iPhone iOS upgrades (eg, iOS 6, iOS 7, etc).

New Features and Enhancements in Workday 33

Workday’s fall release came out on the weekend of September 7, 2019. Unlike some previous Workday releases, most updates for Workday 33 centered almost exclusively around back-end changes, which end users won’t notice. Behind-the-scenes improvements were made in the payroll and compensation spheres, as well as several upgrades focused on both security and reporting.