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Your Pay & Taxes

Last updated Thursday, November 15, 2018

The links below provide pay and tax-related information and resources for faculty, professional staff, student workers, and UW Medical Centers employees.

Paycheck Information

Visit the Paycheck Information page for information about:

  • Paydays
  • Direct Deposit
  • Understanding Your Payslip in Workday
  • Your Pre-Workday Payslips
  • Understanding Your Deductions
  • Adjustments and Corrections

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Payroll Processes

Visit the Payroll Processes page for information on reporting Underpayments, Overpayments, and accessing other Payroll processes in Workday.

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Tax Withholding Information

Visit the Tax Withholding Information page to learn about changing your withholding elections (IRS Form W-4) in Workday. Your tax residency address on the tax forms will pull from your Home (Primary) Address in Workday.

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Foreign Nationals Payment & Tax Information

Visit the Foreign Nationals Payment & Tax Information page to learn about wage payments and taxes for Foreign Nationals and how to make changes in Workday. Ensure that your Citizenship Status under Personal Information in Workday is accurate, so you receive proper tax forms.

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Year End Tax Resources

Visit the Year End Tax Resources page for information on retrieving your year-end tax forms (such as your University of Washington W-2, 1099-R, and Stipend Letter), FAQs about those forms, and guidance on preparing for tax season.

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