Enrollment Changes & Life Events

Certain life events allow you to change your Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) medical or dental coverage, to add/change a flexible spending plan, or to change life insurance.

Table of Contents

Life Events - Overview

Changes Due to a Life Event

Certain life events allow you to change your medical and/or dental coverage. The ISC must receive your benefit elections within 60 days from the date of the event (your “special open enrollment” window), and any enrollment changes must correspond with your life event.

Information on Life Events and submitting benefits elections 

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Other Special Open Enrollment Events - Overview

Other types of Special Open Enrollment events include:

  • HSA Enroll/Change
  • Tobacco Use Attestation - Change in Medical Surcharge
  • Spousal Premium Surcharge Reattestation
  • DRS Investment Manager
  • Optional LTD (outside of initial 31 day eligibility)
  • PEBB Email Subscription

Information on Special Open Enrollment Events and changing your benefits elections

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Waive Health Insurance Coverage

You can waive your Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) medical coverage if you’re enrolled in other comprehensive group medical coverage.

If you waive coverage for yourself, you cannot enroll your spouse, children, or other dependents in PEBB medical coverage.

You can’t waive dental coverage, which you keep even if you waive medical coverage.

There are two different processes for waiving coverage:

  • Waive coverage as a new employee (during initial eligibility)
  • Waive coverage after your initial eligibility period
    • During Open Enrollment
    • Due to a Life Event

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Optional Retirement Plans

Save beyond your primary UW retirement plan or defer compensation for retirement.

Information on optional retirement plans

If eligible, you can make your optional retirement plan elections in Workday.

Step-by-step instructions on making optional retirement plan elections

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Manage Beneficiaries

You can review and update your beneficiary designations by contacting the company or organization that provides your insurance or retirement plan. You can sometimes do this online. Otherwise, you’ll have to complete, sign, and mail a paper form.

Information on managing beneficiaries

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Nearing Retirement

Information on continuing health and life insurance during retirement and other preparations you can make for retirement.

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