Integrated Service Center

Approving Time

Track and report your Time Worked and have it approved in Workday.

Time Approvers review and approve timesheets in Workday.

In Workday, Time Approvers can:

  • Review submitted timesheets for approval on a weekly basis from the Workday Inbox
  • Approve or Send Back submitted timesheets
  • Request that the Time/Absence Initiate make adjustments to the Time Worked and resubmit for approval

Information on Delegations in Workday for Approving Time

Medical Centers Employees

If you are a Medical Centers employee, track and report your time and have it approved in Kronos.

Timesheet Deadlines

Time Worked and Time Off must be submitted and approved prior to the Time Period Lockout in order for a timesheet to be processed on the regularly scheduled payday.

Prior to the payroll deadline, Time/Absence Initiate should run a report in Workday to view the status of Time Worked in their organizations to ensure that all time has been submitted and approved.

Information on Delegations in Workday for Approving Time


Departments are responsible for completing all time approvals and adjustments by the Time Period Lockout. The Payroll team in the ISC will serve as support to an emergency plan. However, the ISC should not be considered as backup in the case of emergencies.

If the Time Approvers do not approve their unit’s hours by 8:30 am on the day of final payroll cutoff, it may result in processing on-demand checks, underpayments, or overpayments for their department. This may be noted and reported to Internal Audit for further review.

Workday Security Roles can be delegated to ensure that a business process is not delayed due to an Approver being away and unable to advance a business process received in their Workday inbox.

Information on Delegations of Security Roles in Workday