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Last updated Friday, April 20, 2018

Viewing Work Information

When you get a promotion, have a change in compensation, or move offices, your department will make the updates in Workday.

You can view your Work Information, including job details, compensation, and work history, in Workday on the Profile screen.

Verifying UW Directory Information

If you have elected to be published in the UW Directory, all Work phone numbers, your email addresses, and (optionally) physical addresses will be marked Public.

Only Work contact information marked Public is available in the UW Directory.

There are two ways to verify the information about you that’s displayed in the UW Directory:

  1. Go to Identity.UWThis will show your personal and employee information displayed in the UW Directory.
  2. Search for yourself in the UW Directory.

You may update your Personal Information and mark elements of your Contact Information as Private in Workday.

If you prefer to have your Departmental Address listed in the UW Directory instead of your primary UW email address, enter the departmental email address as an Additional Work Email Address in Workday.

The UW Directory includes your Business Title and  Supervisory Organization name. Departments may change the name of Supervisory Organizations.

Changes made in Workday are reflected in the UW Directory later in the day or the following day.

Step-by-step instructions on how to update your personal information

Update your UW Directory information sharing settings

Information on the UW Directory