Workday Basics for Employees

Last updated Tuesday, April 18, 2023


This page is designed to provide learning content and resources to employees on using Workday. The page is sequenced in a way to help learn the fundamentals if you are new to Workday and/or your role. Please pay close attention to the employee population each resource applies to. 

1. Signing In & Basic Navigation

Get acquainted with logging into Workday, core navigational components, the search bar, and your profile.

Campus employees only:
Basic Navigation | Video | ~6m

Medical Centers employees only:
Basic Navigation | Video | ~10m

All employees:
How to Log In Using 2FA | Quick Guide

2. Updating Personal Information

Update and/or add your personal information including contact information, legal name, and emergency contacts.

All employees
Managing Your Personal and Work Information in Workday | Webpage
Edit Personal Information | User Guide
Edit Personal Information | Quick Guide

3. Accessing Pay Information

View information on compensation and pay slips, and view/edit payment elections like direct deposit, tax information, and tax elections.

All employees:
Your Paycheck and Payslip | Webpage
Direct Deposit (“Payment Elections”) | Webpage
Update Federal Withholding Elections | User Guide
Payment Elections (Direct Deposit) | Quick Guide
View Pay Slips | Quick Guide

Medical Centers employees only:
Accessing Pay Information | Videos | ~6m

4. Benefits

Review benefit enrollment information and instructions for newly-eligible employees, as well as benefit changes during open enrollment or life events.

All employees:
Newly-Eligible Employees: Enrolling in Benefits | Webpage
Changing Benefit Elections | Webpage

5. Time & Absence

View how to enter time and request time off. For Accu-Time users, learn about punching in, and editing Accu-Time entries.

Campus employees only:
Entering Time | Video | ~2.5m
Enter Time | Quick Guide
Enter Absence| Video | ~ 5m
Request Time Off | Quick Guide

Medical Centers employees only:
Time & Absence | Job Aid

Accu-Time users:
Punch In & Transfer Using Accu-Time | Quick Guide
Edit and Submit Accu-Time Entry
 | Quick Guide
Transfer Job/Dept. Using Accu-Time | Quick Guide

6. Performance Reviews (Med Centers Only)

Medical Centers managers only:
Performance Review Cycle – Manager Tasks | User Guide
Manager Performance Evaluations | Video series

Medical Centers employees only:
Performance Review Cycle – Employee Tasks | User Guide
Employee Performance Evaluations | Video series
Performance Review Cycle – Peer Tasks | User Guide

Additional Performance Evaluation Resources on the UW Medicine HR SharePoint site