Integrated Service Center

Summer Pay Hiatus

With the move to Workday, the summer pay hiatus process will continue to be followed to ensure that 9-month faculty will be appropriately paid (or not paid) over the summer.

If 9-month faculty are not placed on summer pay hiatus, their pay will continue throughout the summer. While summer pay hiatus stops salary payment during the summer, other payment types can continue to be received (such as a one-time payment for lecturing in the summer).

Faculty Summer Work Status and Pay

Summer pay hiatus can accommodate the following:

  • Faculty who do not work the entire summer will be placed on summer pay hiatus for the entire summer and will not receive salary.
  • Faculty who work some portion of the summer will be placed on summer pay hiatus for the portion of the summer they are not working. If they have costing allocations or FTE changes, these will need to be completed by the schools and colleges for the period(s) over the portion of summer they are working.
  • Faculty who work the entire summer remain the same other than costing allocations or FTE changes.

The academic partner security role is the only security role that can execute summer pay hiatus.

Summer Pay Hiatus for 2017

  • Septuple benefit deductions for summer 2017 will be handled through distribution lines as they have been in the past.
  • The Integrated Service Center (ISC) will automatically place 9-month faculty without any summer distribution lines in OPUS from June 16 to June 30 on summer pay hiatus.
  • If a faculty member is returning from summer pay hiatus before fall quarter, the school or college will need to return them from summer pay hiatus manually in Workday.
  • If a faculty member is going on summer hiatus as of July 1 or later, the school or college will need to place them on summer pay hiatus manually in Workday.
  • Anyone on summer pay hiatus as of September 15 will be returned from hiatus by the ISC on September 16.
  • FTE changes will not be converted and will need to be entered into Workday.
  • Costing allocations should also be reviewed for accuracy in Workday.
Placed on Summer Hiatus During Conversion  

Distributions Converted

No summer distributions Yes n/a
Distribution start date
6/15-6/30 No Yes
7/1-7/15 Yes Yes
7/16-9/15 Yes No

Summer Pay Hiatus 2018 and Beyond

The ISC will send schools and colleges a list of 9- month faculty that will be placed on summer pay hiatus each spring. The schools and colleges will review this list and send confirmation or updates to the ISC. The ISC will then upload this data to Workday, placing faculty members on summer pay hiatus for the appropriate periods.