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Current Release: Workday 31

Last updated Thursday, October 11, 2018

Keep an eye on this page for information about the next Workday release!

Workday Releases: Overview

Twice a year, in September and March, Workday – UW’s integrated, cloud-based human resource and payroll operations system – releases major feature upgrades designed to increase functionality and enhance the user experience. On this page, learn about what changes you can expect; what steps, if any, you might need to take to prepare for the new upgrade; and what dates Workday will be unavailable during this routine maintenance.

Workday releases are numeric, similar to Apple’s iPhone iOS upgrades (eg, iOS 6, iOS 7, etc). Workday 31 will be released on September 8, 2018.

New Features and Enhancements in Workday 31

Unlike the last Workday release in March – which brought a brand new look to the Workday homepage! – most updates for Workday 31 center around back-end improvements, with many new features in the payroll and taxation sphere, as well as several upgrades designed to increase integration functionality.

In addition to these improvements, some of the updates you will see when you log in to Workday include:

  • Simplified Phone Number Entry: The area code field has been removed and an employee’s full phone number can now be entered in one single field rather than two separate fields, improving usability and ensuring consistency of phone number data in Workday.
  • The “W:Drive” Renamed as “My Reports”: If you run reports in Workday you can continue to find your report results by using the Cloud icon in the upper right corner of Workday – however you will now select the more obviously named “My Reports,” which replaced “W:Drive” throughout the Workday interface.