Workday Data Integrity

Last updated Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The maintenance of Data Integrity is an ongoing effort by the ISC to help identify and correct errors in employee records and ensure the overall integrity and reliability of the data in Workday. The ISC regularly assesses opportunities for data review, and projects are prioritized according to payroll and/or benefits impact, possible negative downstream consequences, and number of people impacted.

Examples of auditing performed as part of this effort include:

  • Date mismatches which can lead to overpayments
  • Worker subtypes that do not match a person’s job profile, workers with a combined FTE above 100%
  • Active workers with Fixed Term end dates that have already passed


A Data Integrity Analyst runs and reviews audit reports looking for mismatches between data points on an employee record, or employee data that does not fit UW policy or ISC guidelines.

Data errors occur for a variety of reasons. Though a few misalignments in Workday are still a product of incorrect data in legacy systems at the time of go-live, most errors occur due to a misinterpretation of policy or procedure, the learning curve of new users, or simple human error.

In general, depending on the nature of the fix, corrections will either be handled centrally at the ISC or handled within the unit. Once a problem is identified, the ISC will typically notify units via email, alerting them to the issue and describing the solution(s) and who will implement the fix.

  • Fixes made by the ISC: Some updates can be made by the ISC’s HCM Service Partners or other teams at the ISC. For example, if we determine that an employee with multiple jobs does not have the correct job designated as their primary job, we will make the corrections internally here at the ISC.
  • Fixes made by the unit: Alternatively, we will often coordinate changes with the units when corrections require insight into the employee or the correction can be initiated by the unit. For example, if a person has passed their employment end date, we will ask the unit to determine if the date should be extended, or if the employee should be terminated, and then take the necessary action in Workday. A Data Integrity Specialist will contact you via email with a list of impacted employees and instructions for fixing the error. Please note that some of these requests will be time sensitive, especially those issues that are pay-impacting, and your responsiveness is appreciated.

Thank you, please keep it up! The ISC’s Data Integrity efforts are meant to be a secondary measure to catch anything that may have been missed or has yet to be addressed. Ultimately, data integrity starts with our campus units, and when you regularly review details such as holiday credit, employment end dates, FTE adjustments, and time off and leave entries, you help keep things running smoother.

Contact us and your suggestion will be routed to a Data Integrity Analyst for further review. In your message, please be sure to include all of the following information:

  • The EID(s) of the employee(s) where you noticed the issue
  • An explanation of which specific fields or pieces of data appear to be missing or in conflict (include screenshots if possible)
  • What action(s) you believe will be necessary to correct the issue
  • The anticipated adverse impact if the issue is left unaddressed