Integrated Service Center

Time Reporting

If you are an overtime-eligible employee, you must track your Time Worked.

Manage your timesheet in Workday, where you can view, edit, and submit your timesheets for approval. You are responsible for maintaining accurate timesheets in Workday.

Quick Guide on how to enter Time Worked in Workday

Quick Guide on how punch in using Accu-Time, and how to transfer and punch in using Accu-Time

Quick Guide on how to transfer job or department using Accu-Time, and how to punch out using Accu-Time

Step-by-step guide to entering Time Worked

Hourly overtime-eligible employees must submit their Time Worked in order to be paid.

If a salaried overtime-eligible employee submits overtime, the overtime amount will not be paid unless the time is approved before the lock date for that pay period.

Although payment for regular hours salaried overtime-eligible employees work is not contingent on an approved timesheet, it is critical that all time be submitted for auditing purposes.

Calendar of Paydays

Submitted time will automatically route to your designated Time Approver to review and approve.

Even after your time has been approved, you can make adjustments to your Time Worked and resubmit your timesheet for up to 90 days.

You must submit your timesheet at the end of each pay period in order to be paid.

Information on Pay and Taxes

Medical Centers Employees

Medical Centers employees enter and submit their time in Kronos.

Your pay information will appear in Workday.

Contact your department administrator, Medical Centers Payroll Services at 206-744-9280, or email AskKronos if you have questions regarding your time in Kronos.

To locate the Payroll Specialist for your department, refer to the UW Medicine Department Contact List.