Integrated Service Center

Correcting Mistakes

Track and report your Time Worked and make corrections in Workday.

After you have submitted your time in Workday, and even after your time has been approved, you can make adjustments to your Time Worked and resubmit your timesheet. Any changes you make after your time has approved and processed for the time period will affect your following paycheck.

Your Time Approver may send your timesheet back to you with comments for items to edit. Be sure to make the edits and submit the timesheet again for approval prior to the Time Period Lockout deadline.

Quick Guide on how to edit Accu-Time entry in Workday, and how to submit Accu-Time entry in Workday

Medical Centers Employees

If you are a Medical Centers employee, track and report your time in Kronos.

Submit corrections through your department or email AskKronos.