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Annual Attendance Incentive Program (AAIP)

Last updated Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Beginning every January 1, for one month only, UW Classified, Contract, Professional Staff employees with a sick leave balance of greater than 480 hours may request monetary compensation (at 25% value) for a portion of their unused Sick Time Off accrued during the previous calendar year.

Requests for this Annual Attendance Incentive Program (AAIP) must be completed and approved in Workday no later than 5:00 pm on January 31. Employees will need to submit their requests early enough to provide adequate time for the approval process.

To qualify for the Annual Attendance Incentive Program, employees must have:

  • A Sick Time Off balance greater than 480 hours as of January 1
  • An ending balance greater than the starting balance for the year just ended (ie, workers must have accrued more hours in the year than they used or donated)
  • A balance that will still be at least 480 hours after cash-out

Only Sick Time Off accrued during the previous year is eligible for payment.

The maximum amount of Sick Time Off hours for which payment can be made is 96 hours (i.e., a full-time employee accrues 8 hours of Sick Time Off per month for 12 months for a total of 96 hours).

How to Request AAIP Cash-out

Staff Campus

Qualifying employees can submit their request for cash-out by following the step-by-step guidance found in the Annual Attendance Incentive Program (AAIP)/Sick Time Off Cash-out – Staff Campus User Guide.

Employees will see the cash-out amount appear on either their January 25 paycheck (if submitted between January 1-15) or February 10 paycheck (if submitted between January 16-31).

Medical Centers Employees

Medical Centers employees can confirm ability to participate by verifying their Sick Time Off usage for the previous year via Kronos. An employee’s eligible balance as of December 31 will become available in Kronos on January 5. Qualifying employees will complete the Request for Payment of Year-End Unused Sick Time Off form (Word doc) and submit it to the appropriate HR office (see instructions on the form).


Though employees need to indicate their desire to take advantage of this program first, the Time and Absence Initiate may also initiate the request on behalf of the employee. It is, however, recommended that employees always initiate this request.

No; employees who work more than one position will want to add together the sick time off balance from ALL positions in order to determine whether they qualify for the AAIP. This means that even if an employee’s sick leave accrual is below 480 hours for one or all positions, combined the employee may have a sick leave balance that qualifies for cash-out. Contact the ISC if you need assistance with this transaction.

Employees who had a job change during the 2019 calendar year may not be able to see time off balances for the prior position. Though Workday automatically calculates an employee’s Time Off balance available for cash-out, if they wish to review their balances, they can always contact the ISC for assistance in verifying their accruals and usages.

Though the AAIP is a completely valid program for employees with large sick leave balances to consider, employees nearing retirement may want to consider the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA), which provides a tax-free medical expense account funded by a 25% sick leave cash-out at retirement. Learn more at UWHR’s VEBA Health Reimbursement Account page.