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Verify You Have Designated a “Mailing Address” in Workday

Last updated Friday, May 31, 2019

While most employees have at least one Home Address (“Home Contact Information”) listed in Workday, every employee must manually designate which Home Address is to be used for mailing purposes. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that the Mailing Address in Workday is correct. All employees should confirm and/or update their Mailing Usage as soon as possible to ensure timely and accurate delivery of tax documents.

Tax forms sent by USPS mail with undeliverable addresses are returned to the ISC Payroll Office.

Returned tax forms are not re-mailed. It will be the employee’s responsibility to either retrieve their tax form online through Workday or contact the ISC to request a replacement tax form.

To confirm or update your Mailing Address in Workday:

  1. Go to the Personal Information worklet and, under View, select Addresses.
  2. Select Edit at the top of the screen that lists your Home Contact Information and your Work Contact Information.
  3. Under Home Contact Information, choose the address you want your tax forms sent and select the Pencil Icon.
  4. In the Usage field, make sure Mailing has been selected from the menu.
  5. After making updates, select Submit and then select Done at the bottom of the screen.

You can check out the Edit Personal Information User Guide for more information about different address types and step-by-step guidance on any updates you need to make.

Please contact if you need assistance with updating your address in Workday. You can contact with tax form questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve logged into Workday, and I see my address. Why am I being asked to update my mailing address when everything looks okay? Because you can list more than one Home Address in Workday (common for students, for example, who provide their Seattle address and their parents’ address), you do need to pick which Home Address you wish to use as your Mailing Address – even if you have only one Home Address listed.

I’m going digital and have already opted out of receiving paper tax forms. Do I still need to designate a mailing address in Workday? First, thank you! The UW is strongly encouraging all employees to opt out of receiving paper W-2 tax forms and to instead access their tax information online through Workday. (Learn how to opt out). However, you still want to identify your current Mailing Address in case there is any situation that requires a paper tax form to be sent. Your Mailing Address is also used for other important reasons, such as if your paycheck needs to be mailed or the UW has critical communications that you should be receiving.

Do I have to use my Primary Home Address as my Mailing Address? Not necessarily. Your Primary Home Address should be the address you use while working at the UW and is the address for which your taxes will be based. (Why this is important: if your Primary Home Address is an out-of-state address, you may be assessed state withholding tax; Washington state residents do not pay state withholding tax.) Though your Primary Home Address can certainly be designated as your Mailing Address, you can enter another Additional Home Address (including an out-of-state address) and designate that as your Mailing Address. Your Mailing Address should simply be where you want to receive your tax forms.

Can I designate ALL my Home Addresses as my Mailing Address? It is best practice to choose just one Mailing Address to ensure any of your documents go to the correct location. Though you can enter more than one Home Address, and it is possible to designate each Home Address with a “Mailing” usage, you should make sure your Mailing Address is the address where you want your tax forms sent.

Can I designate my Work Address as my Mailing Address? In general, you should NOT designate a Work Address as a Mailing Address. Though there is a “mailing usage” option if you add an Alternate Work Location, many campus Work Addresses do not provide enough information for USPS, and your tax information will likely be returned to the ISC as undeliverable mail. Please verify that you have a Home Address listed, and that your Home Address and NOT your Work Address is designated as your Mailing Address.

When will my tax documents be available? You can access the online copy of your tax documents as soon as they become available in early January – two weeks earlier than when paper tax forms are mailed. Paper tax forms are usually sent out on/around January 25 each year.