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About UW Stipend Letter

The UW Stipend Letter reports on scholarships or fellowships paid to non-UW students from the Payroll system as a stipend.

A Stipend is an Earnings Type (STP, SWB) used to pay a scholarship or fellowship.

A scholarship is generally an amount paid to a student for the purpose of study.

A fellowship is generally an amount paid to a person for the purpose of research.

The UW Stipend Letter informs recipients of the total scholarships and fellowships paid from the Payroll system from the January 10th payday through the December 25th payday.

Your UW Stipend Explanation Letter is available online through Workday on the first payday in January.

Letters will be mailed to the home address listed in Workday no later than the last week of January.

Explanation of the UW Stipend Letter