Integrated Service Center

Getting Help From Your Department

Looking for your Payroll Coordinator?  With the implementation of Workday, your department administrator has a new support role to better help you. An administrator may have multiple Security Groups to allow them to support different roles. Security Groups enable support to what an administrator can do, what they can see, and where they can do or see it.

Support roles in Workday are assigned to Supervisory Organizations—a group of employees who report to the same manager. Typically, your department is your Supervisory Organization. You can see your Supervisory Organization’s support roles in Workday from your Profile.

Each support role in Workday role has specific responsibilities and visibility to help you. Individuals can have more than one support role. Key department support roles include:

Initiate 1 Can initiate comparatively simple transactions in Workday such as “Edit Government IDs,” “Contact Change,” etc.

Initiate 2 Handles more complex transactions in Workday, such as “Position Events,” “Hire,” “Add Job,” “Change Job,” “Termination,” etc.

HR Partner/Academic Partner Initiates or acts as a first-level Approver for transactions in Workday.

Manager At a minimum, is responsible for the completion of a Performance Review.

Time & Absence Approver Responsible for reviewing for accuracy and approving all submitted Time Worked and Time Off prior to payroll deadline.

Information on Supervisory Organizations

Medical Center Employees

Medical Centers employees should contact the Payroll Coordinator in your department.