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Workday Payslip FAQ

Last updated Friday, March 8, 2019

On payday, you’ll find your Workday payslip online. Your payslip contains more information and greater detail than it did pre-Workday. Here are answers to questions you may have about viewing and understanding your payslip.

How do I view my payslip in Workday?
Sign in to Workday and select the Pay worklet. Under View, select Payslips.

Access to Workday requires UW NetID credentials and enrollment in Duo, the UW’s two-factor authentication (2FA) provider.

Learn more about Duo 2FA and Workday
Watch the Workday 101 Basic Navigation Videos for Campus
Watch the Workday 101 Basic Navigation Videos – Medical Centers

I receive a paper check. When should I expect it?
If you are paid by paper check, your check should arrive at your home address on payday. If you do not receive your paper paycheck within two business days, please check with the HCM Initiate 2 or Time and Absence Initiate in your unit. You can also contact the ISC for help.

It’s important that your current home address is correct in Workday. See our Quick Guide (PDF) for information on how to verify and update your Personal Information.

How can I receive my pay faster and easier?
If you are currently receiving a paper check, please consider changing to Direct Deposit to ensure prompt payment every payday—and for your added convenience. In Workday, your direct deposit can be split among up to three different bank accounts. This is an improvement; previously, the legacy system allowed only one account.

Quick Guide on making Payment Elections for a Direct Deposit (PDF)
Information on Direct Deposits

Does my Workday payslip contain any new information?
All of the information you are accustomed to seeing on your payslip is also on your new Workday payslip, including Year to Date (YTD) earnings, taxes, and other deductions. You may find the Workday interface clearer and easier to read.

Your Workday payslip contains information on your Paid Time Balances, including Vacation Time Off, Personal Holiday Time Off, Holiday Credit, and Sick Time Off. Updated each payday, your Workday payslip shows time Accrued, time Reduced in the current pay period, and the Available balance for each category of Paid Time.

Where can I find my payslips prior to Workday?
For paydays prior to 6/27/17, view your payslips in Legacy ESS.

For paydays from 7/10/17 onward, view your payslips in Workday.

Access to both systems requires UW NetID credentials and enrollment in Duo, the UW’s new two-factor authentication (2FA).

Learn more about Duo 2FA and Workday

What if I see an error in my payslip?
Medical Centers employees should email questions to AskKronos.

Campus employees should double check that all Time Worked and Time Off was entered, submitted, and approved in Workday prior to the payroll deadline.

Similarly, if your Paid Time Balances do not appear to be correct, check your real time accruals in Workday in the Absence worklet. In the View section, select Absence Balance.

For additional help, contact the ISC.

Information on Time and Absence Reporting in Workday

Where can I learn more about payslips and entering Time and Absence in Workday?
The ISC website is your 24/7 source for Workday information and support. Workday User Guides, Quick Guides, and Instructional Videos are among the resources available on the site.

Medical Centers employees enter and submit Time Worked in Kronos on a weekly basis. Any need for Kronos support or pay input-related questions should be emailed to AskKronos.

If you need additional help, contact the ISC.