Integrated Service Center

Understanding Your Deductions

Two types of deductions can be made from your paycheck:

  1. Voluntary Deductions are deductions you have elected and agreed to have withheld from your paycheck.
  2. Involuntary Deductions are deductions mandated by federal or state government or the courts to be withheld from your paycheck.

Contact the ISC with questions regarding any of the following voluntary deductions. To view more information about a specific deduction listed below, click on the link.



Other Voluntary Deductions

The Voluntary Deductions summarized below are handled by various UW departments and initiated in Workday by the department itself.

For questions involving these Voluntary Deductions, contact the department listed.

Deduction Category Department Contact Information
Campus U-Pass & Parking Transportation Services 206-685-1543;
HMC U-Pass & Parking HMC Parking Office 206-744-3254;
Bothell Campus Parking Bothell Parking 425-352-3246;
Tacoma Campus Parking Tacoma Parking Office 253-692-5926;
Union Dues Unions Contact your Union Representative directly if you have questions.
Other Deductions
Husky Card Husky Card Office 206-543-9537;
UW Gift Account UW Gift Account Office 206-685-9248;
UW Club Dues UW Club 206-543-0437;
PSO (Professional Staff Org.) PSO 206-616-7318;
AAUP AAUP 206-543-4793;
IMA Recreational Sports Program IMA Office 206-616-1142;
Sports Tickets UW Tickets Office 206-543-2200;
CFD (Combined Fund Drive Office) UW CFD Office 206-616-3678;

Withholding Orders

Upon receipt of formal documentation, the University is required by law to deduct funds as directed by the government agency or court.

The types of deductions which may be mandated include:

  • Garnishments
  • Child Support
  • Employment Security
  • Educational Loans
  • Chapter 13
  • Labor and Industry
  • Office of Finance Recovery
  • Internal Revenue Service

If you have questions regarding a Withholding Order, contact the agency responsible for the deduction or refer to the legal document you received.

If you did not receive a legal document, contact the agency to make sure that they have your correct address on file. Any Withholding Order documentation that the UW is required to send to an employee must be sent to the address provided by the agency, not to the employee’s address which is on file with the UW.

Changes to amounts deducted must come by notification from the agency or court. If, after contacting the agency or upon inspection of the legal document, you believe that the deduction is incorrect, email the ISC for further review.