Integrated Service Center

Adjustments & Corrections

If Your Paycheck is Incorrect

If you think you’ve been either over or under paid, please log in to Workday and review your Payslip and Worker History.

Confirm that you submitted your time prior to the Payroll deadline (if you are hourly), and make sure that you haven’t had any recent changes to your salary. Contact the ISC for additional help.

In the event of an underpayment and under certain conditions, an Off-Cycle Check may be issued.

Information on Underpayments and On-Demand (Emergency) Checks

Medical Center Employees

Medical Centers employees need to review Kronos and the Exception Schedule if you feel your Payslip is incorrect.

If you need help, contact your Payroll Specialist in the Medical Center’s Payroll Services. Replacement checks must be requested through Medical Centers Payroll Services, which also distributes replacement checks.

If You Need a Replacement Check

Replacement Checks can be issued when a paycheck is lost or stolen, damaged, or dated more than six months ago.

If the payday was recently and you receive a paper check, your paycheck may still be in the mail. Confirm your mailing address in Workday.

To request a Replacement Check, contact the ISC with the subject line “Cancel/Reissue” and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Payday date (can be found in Workday, select Payslip)
  • Net amount of check (can be found in Workday, select Payslip)
  • Reason Replacement Check is needed