Integrated Service Center

Foreign Nationals Working Outside the US

Payments made to a Foreign National who performs services outside of the United States are not subject to Federal Withholding Tax, or OASDI (Social Security and Medicare) taxes. Nor is there any US reporting obligation.

If this circumstance applies to you, complete the UW Certificate of Foreign Status and provide proof of citizenship and residency (i.e., a copy of picture page of your passport).

Instructions on completing the UW Certificate of Foreign Status

You department must submit a confirmation letter stating that all services will be performed outside of the US.

Sample confirmation letter

Your department should forward to the ISC:

  1. Completed UW Certificate of Foreign Status
  2. Proof of your citizenship
  3. Confirmation letter

Scanned copies of documents are acceptable.

UW Foreign National employees who live and work outside of the United States will not receive any United States tax forms.