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Career Development

Information on the performance review process and job promotions at the UW.

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Performance Evaluation

There are a number of performance review processes at the UW, depending on your role.

Information on UW employee work performance

Medical Centers Employees

The work performance review process for Medical Centers employees is managed in Workday.

Quick Guide on how to accept your performance review for Medical Centers employees

Step-by-step instructions on performance review for Medical Centers employees

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Opportunities for Promotion

The job promotion process at the UW varies according to your employment category:

Moving to another UW department

If you get another job at the UW, it is important to let your current department know.

In addition, note that:

  • If you are an non-exempt or hourly employee, be sure all your timesheets have been submitted for approval.
  • Confirm your Time Off accrual in Workday or, if you are a Medical Centers employee, in Kronos.
  • Your Retirement Plan may change due to your new position.
  • Review your recent payslip in Workday for any deductions you would like to stop or change.

Information on payslips and deductions

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Skill Building

The UW has available many resources for employees to learn, network, and build skills.


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