Integrated Service Center

Faculty and Staff Medical, Dental, Life, and Disability Insurance

Enrollment Deadlines

Your deadline to enroll for health and spending accounts is 31 days from the date you were hired into a benefits-eligible position (e.g., your hire date).

If you fail to enroll by your deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in the default options:

Your next opportunity to enroll in or change your health benefits will be during annual Open Enrollment in November, with a January 1 effective date.

Electing optional Life and/or LTD will require that you submit evidence of insurability.

You will not be able to change your retirement plan default.

When you’re ready to enroll, use the link on the email sent to you in your first week—or go to Workday.

 Step-by-step instructions for enrolling in benefits

For more information, visit the Resources page and refer to the Video and User Guide libraries.

Enrolling Dependents


All UW employees are required to provide documentation verifying that an enrolled dependent meets the definition of a qualified dependent. Proof of dependent relationship must be provided within 31 days of enrollment, and must be approved by the ISC before medical and/or dental coverage goes into effect. Once coverage has been approved, your dependents’ insurance will begin on the first day of the following month.

When enrolling your partner and/or your partner’s child as your covered dependent(s), you must submit a completed Declaration of Tax Status form within 31 days of enrollment to the ISC.

Premium Surcharges

In certain situations, you may be subject to additional premiums, e.g., if you or your covered dependent use(s) tobacco and/or if your spouse/partner declines other medical coverage.

Plan ID Cards

After your enrollment is processed, your health plan(s) will send you an identification (ID) card. If you have any questions about your ID card, contact your health plan(s) directly. The Uniform Dental Plan does not generate ID cards; they may be downloaded from the plan website.

Waiving Coverage

You can waive your Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) medical coverage if you’re enrolled in other comprehensive group medical coverage.

During initial enrollment, you can elect to waive PEBB medical coverage for yourself/family, however you cannot waive dental coverage for yourself.

You cannot be covered as both a dependent and an employee on PEBB plans. If you are currently covered as a dependent for PEBB coverage, contact the ISC for assistance with your enrollment options.

Information on waiving health insurance coverage