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2021 FSA/DCAP Contribution Change Opportunity

Last updated Monday, May 31, 2021

In recognition of how the current COVID-19 public health crisis has impacted the needs of many employees and their families, Washington State’s Health Care Authority (HCA) is providing employees currently enrolled in a Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) and/or the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) the opportunity to make midyear changes to their 2021 contribution amounts.

Changes to contribution amounts can be made during the months of June and September of 2021, with payroll deduction changes going into effect the month after the change request was made (e.g., change requests submitted in June go into effect on July 1).

Eligible UW employees must submit their changes in Workday.

Who Is Eligible?

This opportunity is open to employees who are currently enrolled in an FSA and/or the DCAP.

It is not possible to newly-enroll in an FSA or the DCAP as part of the opportunity.

Understand the Changes You Can Make

During this opportunity, the following changes can be made by employees currently enrolled in an FSA or the DCAP:

β‡’ If you are currently enrolled in an FSA…
You can increase or decrease* your current FSA contributions.

Prior to June 1, you may wish to review UWHR’s FSA: Tax Savings for Medical Costs page for information about:

  • The minimum and maximum amounts you can contribute to an FSA
  • Deadlines for using FSA funds
  • How an FSA can help you pay for medical costs and reduce your taxes

β‡’ If you are currently enrolled in the DCAP…
You can increase or decrease* your current DCAP contributions without having to submit proof of a change in childcare costs.

Prior to June 1, you may wish to review UWHR’s DCAP: Tax Savings for Child and Elder Care page for information about:

  • The maximum amount you can contribute to the DCAP
  • Deadlines for using DCAP funds
  • How the DCAP can help you pay for childcare and elder care and reduce your taxes

*FSA and DCAP contributions can only be lowered to the amount you have already contributed or claimed for the year.

Answers to Your Most Common Questions

No. If you are happy with your current FSA and/or DCAP contribution amount, you do not need to take any action. Your current contribution amount will remain the same unless you submit changes in Workday.

No. You can only enroll in an FSA and/or the DCAP as part of Open Enrollment in November, or if you experience a qualifying Life Event.

Yes. Even if you increased or decreased your FSA and/or DCAP amount during the March 2021 contribution change opportunity, you can make subsequent changes again in June and/or September. Changes submitted in June go into effect on July 1 and changes submitted in September go into effect on October 1.

You can review your year-to-date contribution or premium amounts on your UW payslip, which can be accessed in Workday:

1. Log into Workday via the Sign in to Workday link at the top of this page.
2. Select the Pay worklet.
3. On the next screen, in the View section, select the Payslips button.

Yes. As you are increasing your FSA and/or DCAP balance(s) for the year, you can apply the β€œnew” funds in your FSA or DCAP account for expenses incurred earlier in the year.

How to Make Changes

To get started, refer to the 2021 FSA/DCAP Contribution Change User Guide, linked below, for step-by-step guidance for making your changes in Workday.

Take me to the User Guide

After Submitting Your Contribution Changes in Workday…

After you follow the User Guide to submit your changes in Workday:

  • At 11:59 pm on June 30, 2021, Workday will accept the most recent changes you have submitted.* You will see any changes to your contribution amounts in your July 9, 2021 paycheck.
    • If you realize you need to modify the selections you’ve submitted in Workday, contact the ISC as far in advance of the June 30, 2021 deadline as possible.
  • Once the June 30 deadline arrives, any unsubmitted selections in Workday will be deleted and coverage changes will not be processed.

If you miss the June opportunity, or if you realize you’d like to make additional changes to your contribution amounts, you will have another opportunity to make changes to your FSA and/or DCAP contributions in September, 2021. Please note: September 30 is a hard deadline and the HCA cannot provide exceptions or grace periods.

*Contribution changes cannot be less than the amount claimed or contributed as of your 6/25/2021 paycheck. The ISC will contact you if your submitted changes do not meet this criteria.