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Welcome! This is a library of all of the courses we offer to teach campus administrators how to use Workday to support other employees. Use the filter checkboxes below to find the courses that best suit your needs. Questions, concerns, or feedback? Contact us with "Training" in the subject.

Follow these steps to display the required training courses:

  1. Under Employee Population below, select the checkbox(es) for the employee population(s) you will support in your new role.
  2. Under Security Roles Involved below, select the checkbox(es) for the security role(s) you are seeking.
  3. Complete all Level 1, 2, and 3 courses displayed; however, if you have already completed a course(s) for another role you currently occupy, you do not need to retake it.
  4. Have your HR Partner or Academic Partner request your security role.

Bridge is a third party learning management system. The ISC uses it to develop and publish the courses in the Workday Learning Library.

When you follow the link to a course, you'll be redirected to Bridge. Log in to Bridge using your UWNetID and password. If prompted to enroll in a course, select Register Now, shown below.

Once enrolled in a course, you may log in to Bridge to re-access eLearning courses, or manage your registration for live training. Bridge will track and save your progress in eLearning courses, and attendance will be taken by the instructor during a live training.

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[ALL 101] A. What is Workday?

This course was designed as an introduction to basic navigation and fundamentals of Workday as UW's system for HR, Payroll, and Benefits processes.

[ALL 101] B. Introduction to Supervisory Organizations

This course serves as an introduction to how management hierarchy, or Supervisory Organizations (Sup Orgs), act as the primary way Workday organizes employees.

[ALL 101] C. Introduction to Security Roles

In this course, you will learn about Security Roles and how they function to allow individual users to view and act on records in Workday.

[ALL 101] D. Introduction to Worker Data

This course serves as an introduction to the Worker Profile, the hub of employee information in Workday. You will learn how to navigate through the Worker Profile and what types of information are housed in individual tabs.

[ALL 101] E. Introduction to Business Processes

This course will serve as an introduction to the core characteristics of business processes (bp), understanding the different phases of a bp, and reports that you can run in Workday that will show the status of bp's.

[ALL 101] F. Introduction to UW Populations in Workday

This course provides a brief overview of how HCM roles (HCM Initiate 2, HR Partner, and Academic Partner) interact with the three populations of students, staff, and academics.

[ALL 101] Quiz: Workday 101 for Admin Roles

This review will quiz you on each of the courses included in the [ALL 101] course set.

[AP 201-303] Supporting Academic Personnel

This course set (two three-hour sessions) will introduce you to the entire employee life cycle of academic personnel. This includes annual and multi-year/indefinite faculty and librarians.

[STF 201] Overview of Staff Hiring

This course provides an overview of how to identify and define the major parts of the staff hire process and differentiate the position, job requisition, and hire processes from each other.

[STF 202] Overview of Making Changes to Staff

This course provides an overview of how to identify and define the most common scenarios that require making changes to a staff's employee record in Workday.