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Some Payroll Encumbrance Records in FAS Currently Out of Balance – In Progress

Last updated Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Due to a recent configuration change in Workday, some encumbrance records in FAS are currently out of balance. Approximately 400 records, mostly in the School of Medicine, are impacted by this known issue.

In January, minor account posting rule changes were made to correct incorrectly mapped object coding. For instance, certain pro-staff Temporary Pay Supplement (TPS) earnings were changed to post to the correct object code (01-10) from an incorrect object code (01-70) in Workday. But because the original commitments (encumbrances) continue to be related to the “old” 01-70 rule, and liquidations (or any adjustments) now map to the “new” 01-10 rule, the two amounts are out of sync. Due to this account posting rule change, FAS encumbrance balances for TPS earnings are out of sync and do not reflect the liquidations or any adjustments since January.

A few relatively uncommon earning types (ICA, ICP and LPP), as well as employees with employee type “Practice Plan,” have also been impacted by the incorrect mapping of object coding, and their associated encumbrance balances are therefore also out of sync in FAS.

At this time, payroll amounts for these specific earning types have not been liquidated since January 31, and amounts are therefore overstated by that accumulated amount. To assist units in tracking these encumbrance imbalances, an email including the list of affected workers/cost centers/organizations was sent to the appropriate Unit Change Leaders.

Financial Accounting and the ISC are actively researching a solution for this integration error, and we will update this post as we learn more.

If you have any questions about encumbrance balances in FAS, please contact Erick Winger at