Integrated Service Center

FTE Changes Overwriting Merit Changes for Some Employees – In Progress

Last updated Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We are seeing situations in which FTE changes were made by departments using the Change Job-Data Change business process BEFORE merit was loaded on September 12, but were scheduled to become effective AFTER merit was loaded. Even if compensation wasn’t altered by the department during this FTE change, Workday runs an automatic compensation event to prorate the salary. This means that, if somebody effective-dated a FTE change for AFTER the merit load, the merit increase will actually be overwritten on the effective date, and in the process, merit increases are being replaced with pre-merit amounts.

The ISC has identified the impacted employees, some of which were paid incorrectly in this last payroll. The majority of impacted employees are Academic Personnel, with some Professional Staff impacted as well.

The ISC is working on correcting all of these records, and this should be completed by next week. We will let departments know if they have anyone on the list.

This issue will be fixed by the next pay period.

We will share more information as it becomes available.