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240 Hour Alerts for Vacation Time Off – Resolved

Last updated Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Resolved on: February 1, 2018

Email alerts have been updated to correctly identify and notify employees (and their Time & Absence Approver) with Greater than 240 Vacation and Vacation Balance Approaching 240 Hours each month. The most recent alerts were sent on February 1. The next set of alerts will be sent on March 1.


New Issue posted on: December 18, 2017

We have discovered a new set of issues relating to these Workday-generated email alerts. Some employees and their Time & Absence Approvers have incorrectly received the alert for “Vacation Balance Exceeds 240 Hours” and “Vacation Balance Approaching 240 Hours.” Early analysis indicates the issue relates to the reporting logic used to identify the recipients of these alerts. The ISC continues to troubleshoot the issue. In the meantime, employees can check their Vacation Time Off Balances on their Absence Calendars or contact their Time & Absence Initiates with balance questions. There are no known issues relating to the actual Vacation Balances that are calculated and displayed for employees in Workday.


Resolved on: December 5, 2017

Email alerts are now being sent to employees and their Time & Absence Approvers for employees with Greater than 240 Vacation Hours on December 1st. Email alerts were sent to employees with 240 Vacation Hour Limit Approaching and 240 Vacation Hours Forfeiture Approaching on December 5.


Original Issue posted on: November 2, 2017

The ISC has developed a series of Workday-generated email alerts to help classified staff manage their Vacation Time Offs and stay in compliance with UW policy related to vacation accrual limits. The three emails are called “240 Hour Limit Approaching,” “Greater than 240 Hours,” and “240 Hours Forfeited.”

These emails are intended to be delivered to employees and their Time & Absence Approvers on the first of each month; unfortunately, Workday has been unable to send out these email reminders since August. Our Applications Team is actively working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, we encourage employees work with their Time & Absence Approvers to monitor Vacation Time Off balances using the Balance As Of date function in the Absence Calendar and the Time Off Results By Period report.