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1 to 2 Month Delay Before Reversals Appear in MyFD – Resolved

Last updated Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Resolved on: February 12, 2018

A new integration has been developed to process reversals so they automatically flow to downstream systems.  The new integration will run the day after payroll runs and will be visible in the Employee Data Warehouse (EDW) and My Financial Desktop (MyFD) one day after they are posted in Workday.

Update posted on: January 29, 2018

As of January 24, 2018, all reversals have been updated and posted through the December 31 pay period.

Original Issue posted on: January 2, 2018

Occasionally, when a unit identifies an employee overpayment, Payroll is able to reverse the deposit before the money reaches the employee’s account. In those instances, the reversal should result in a refund to a budget, and therefore would be reflected in My Financial Desktop (MyFD) and in the EDW. Unfortunately, due to an integration issue, reversals are not flowing to these systems automatically and require manual entry. Each reversal currently requires a significant amount of time-consuming research to update, and it’s taking approximately one to two months before Departments will see the credit in MyFD.

At this point, all reversals up to the November 15 paycheck have now been posted, with the exception of any stipend payments (of which there are very few). Reversals up to the December 31 paycheck are expected to be posted in time for the release of faculty effort certification reporting.

Though this integration problem only affects a small population (since July there have been fewer than 200 reversals), rest assured we are actively working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime we have developed a new report called “Payroll Reversal Audit” which we encourage you use to determine if a reversal has occurred.

If you have any questions about the reversal delay, please contact