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Integrated Service Center


How to Read Your Payslip


Workday allows you to access your payslips from one central location. Jump around to different parts of your payslip using the Table of Contents menu.

Note your payslip may differ from the screenshot below depending on your earnings, deductions, paid time balance, and other factors.

picture of payslip, with each major table from top to bottom and routing left numbered 1-11.


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Underpayments and On-Demand Payments

Underpayment Guidelines

An underpayment occurs when you receive less than your correct pay. A request for an underpayment must be submitted by your department for the ISC to issue payment.

For any hourly pay or exception time earned prior to 6/16/17 and not paid, complete the Retro Spreadsheet (Excel), sign and email to with the subject line “Retropay, Your Department Name, Your Workday Unit Code (formerly PUC).”

If the retropay includes effective dates prior to 6/16/17 and was a result of a compensation change (salary increase, one-time payments, period activity pay, etc.) that was not processed in OPUS prior to 6/19/17, then the necessary action(s) must be initiated in Workday that includes the appropriate effective dates.

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