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Time Off

Leave of Absence or Time Off?

For most absences in Workday, you will make a request for Time Off (e.g., Sick, Vacation, Personal Holiday, Comp Time).
Information on types of Time Off
Some absences, including those that may qualify for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Disability Leave, or Parental Leave require both a Leave of Absence (LOA) request and accompanying request for Time Off.

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Delegation is a process in Workday that directs tasks from one individual’s inbox to the inbox of another another person with the same assigned Security Role. The purpose of Delegation is to ensure that a Business Process is not delayed due when an Approver is out of the office.

  • When tasks are delegated to a person,
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    Returning from a Leave of Absence

    When you are ready to return to work from your Leave of Absence, contact your supervisor to discuss your department’s return-to-work process.

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    Requesting a Leave of Absence

    Before your Leave of Absence (LOA), review the Leave of Absence policies for staff and talk with your department.
    For many Leaves of Absence, your department will process your Leave of Absence request in Workday on your behalf.
    For certain leave types, you can request a LOA directly in Workday.
    Requesting a Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  Leave of Absence
    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law which protects eligible employees when they take a Leave of Absence for one of several qualifying reasons.

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    With Workday, all paid holidays must be recorded with the “Holiday Taken Time Off” type in order to account for non-productive work hours.
    The “Holiday Taken Time Off” needs to be recorded on the actual day of the Holiday.
    If the “Holiday Taken Time Off” is not entered, Holiday Credit will accrue. This rule applies to all salaried staff,

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    Leave of Absence Types

    An important part of managing your Leave of Absence is understanding various types of Leaves of Absence.
    Leave of Absence policies for staff 
    Leave of Absence Without Pay policies for staff 
    While you are on a Leave of Absence, entry of Time Off is required in order to receive pay while away from work. You must indicate which of your Time Off accruals to use while away from work.

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    Correcting Time Off

    You can correct your Time Off in Workday for up to 90 days.
    If you have already submitted Time Off, adjust the Time Off amount with a new transaction on the Time Off calendar.
    Step-by-step guide to correcting Time Off

    Medical Centers Employees
    Medical Centers employees report time and make corrections in Kronos.

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    Requesting Time Off

    Time Off must be entered, submitted, and approved prior to the Time Period Lockout in order to receive pay for hours on your normally-scheduled payday for the pay period. The 2017 Paydays Calendar is available here.
    Submitted Time Off will automatically route to your designated Time Approver to review and approve.
    Even after your Time Off has been approved,

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    Time Off Types

    If you are a Time Off-eligible employee, you can see your accrued Time Off by type and request Time Off in Workday.
    Although Time Off can also be entered directly on a Time Worked timesheet (for non-exempt employees), it is recommended that Time Off requests be managed using a Time Off transaction.
    An important part of managing your Time Off is understanding various types of Time Off.

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    Time Reporting

    Employees who track time will submit Time Worked in Workday.
    If you are faculty, a librarian, or academic staff, refer to your unit for questions regarding entering time.
    If you are a Medical Centers employee, continue to track and report your time in Kronos.

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