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Integrated Service Center

Supervisory Organizations


Delegation is a process in Workday that directs tasks from one individual’s inbox to the inbox of another another person with the same assigned Security Role. The purpose of Delegation is to ensure that a Business Process is not delayed due when an Approver is out of the office.


  • When tasks are delegated to a person, that person can switch accounts in Workday to perform the tasks on behalf of another user.

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Getting Help From Your Department

Looking for your Payroll Coordinator?  With the implementation of Workday, your department administrator has a new support role to better help you. An administrator may have multiple Security Groups to allow them to support different roles. Security Groups enable support to what an administrator can do, what they can see, and where they can do or see it.

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Workday for Managers

You can view data on your team, including individual employees’ work information, time off accruals, and more, and manage staff in Workday.

New in Workday: if you are a manager you may be managing multiple Supervisory Organizations. For example, you may manage an organization for staff and a separate organization for students.

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