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Open Enrollment 2018 Runs November 1-30

If you plan to make benefits changes, you must submit them in Workday. Visit our Open Enrollment for 2018 page for step-by-step guidance.


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Integrated Service Center


Workday Payslip FAQ

On payday, you’ll find your Workday payslip online. Your payslip contains more information and greater detail than it did pre-Workday. Here are answers to questions you may have about viewing and understanding your payslip.

  1. How do I view my payslip in Workday?
  2. I receive a paper check.

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Underpayments and On-Demand Payments


An underpayment occurs when you receive less than your correct pay.

For any hourly pay or exception time earned prior to 6/16/17 and not paid, download and complete the retropay worksheet (aka the Request for Payment of Earnings form). Sign the completed form and email it to with the subject line “Retropay, Your Department Name, Your Workday Unit Code (formerly PUC).”

If the retropay includes effective dates prior to 6/16/17 and was a result of a compensation change (salary increase, one-time payments, period activity pay, etc.) that was not processed in OPUS prior to 6/19/17, then the necessary action(s) must be initiated in Workday that includes the appropriate effective dates.

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WA Medical Aid/Worker’s Comp

Information on Washington State Medical Aid and Worker’s Compensation

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OASDI (Social Security & Medicare)

OASDI (Social Security and Medicare) are mandatory federal payroll taxes. Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is the combined employee and employer portions of mandatory OASDI (Social Security and Medicare) taxes.

Social Security is withheld on taxable gross income up to an annual wage limit each year.

Medicare is withheld on taxable gross income.

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Salary and Earnings Type Information

Earnings Types

Salary is paid using an Earnings Type based on an employee’s job class code and the type of work the employee does.

Information on Earnings Types

If you have questions about Earnings Types, please contact your department administrator.

Salary Schedules

Salary grades and guidelines were created and are maintained by the department which oversees each particular employee type.

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Federal Withholding Tax

Most payments to employees have Federal Withholding Tax deducted based on the IRS Semi-Monthly Tax Withholding Table, your IRS Form W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate, and any pre-tax deductions you have elected.

Payments made separately from salary payments are exceptions to the withholding tax guidelines, as follows:

  • Supplemental Wage payments (e.g., Awards, Employee Separation Authorization Payments—vacation time paid at separation from the UW—as well as some other payments) have a Federal Withholding Tax rate of 25%.

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Paydays Calendar

2017 Paydays


Tuesday 10
Wednesday 25

Friday 10
Friday 24

Friday 10
Friday 24


Monday 10
Tuesday 25

Tuesday 10
Wednesday 25

Friday 9
Monday 26


Monday 10
Tuesday 25

Thursday 10
Friday 25

Monday 11
Monday 25


Tuesday 10
Wednesday 25

Thursday 9
Wednesday 22

Monday 11
Friday 22

Additional Workday Payroll dates and information

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Year-End Information for Foreign Nationals

Annual IRS Reporting

For tax purposes, all Foreign Nationals are required to fill out Form 8843 Statement for Exempt Individuals and Individuals with a Medical Condition.

Resources and information on annual IRS reporting requirements are available through the International Student Services Office (ISS).

Nonresident alien students and scholars use Glacier Nonresident Tax Compliance System to file their individual tax return with the IRS.

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Foreign Nationals Working Outside the US

Payments made to a Foreign National who performs services outside of the United States are not subject to Federal Withholding Tax, or OASDI (Social Security and Medicare) taxes. Nor is there any US reporting obligation.

If this circumstance applies to you, complete the UW Certificate of Foreign Status and provide proof of citizenship and residency (i.e., a copy of picture page of your passport).

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Federal Withholding Taxes & Tax Treaties

The University of Washington is a withholding agent for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is required to withhold mandated taxes.

All employee wages are taxable unless specifically exempt from tax by a US law or a treaty.

Scholarships and fellowships paid to a Foreign National from a US source are taxable unless specifically exempt from tax by a US law or a treaty.

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