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Integrated Service Center



Delegation is a process in Workday that directs tasks from one individual’s inbox to the inbox of another another person with the same assigned Security Role. The purpose of Delegation is to ensure that a Business Process is not delayed due when an Approver is out of the office.

  • When tasks are delegated to a person,
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    Approving Time

    Track and report your Time Worked and have it approved in Workday.
    Time Approvers review and approve timesheets in Workday.
    In Workday, Time Approvers can:

  • Review submitted timesheets for approval on a weekly basis from the Workday Inbox
  • Approve or Send Back submitted timesheets
  • Request that the Time/Absence Initate make adjustments to the Time Worked and resubmit for approval
  • Information on Delegations in Workday for Approving Time

    Medical Centers Employees
    If you are a Medical Centers employee,

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