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Integrated Service Center

Two New “Weekly Unsubmitted & Unapproved Hours” Reports

Last updated Monday, April 1, 2019

Working with campus partners, the ISC has produced two new reports designed to help units more quickly identify and reconcile unsubmitted and/or unapproved hours per work week (Monday to Sunday) for nonexempt employees with an FTE greater than or equal to 50%:

  • R0207 Weekly Unsubmitted & Unapproved Hours Audit
  • R0207.1 Detailed Weekly Hours Audit

Both reports can be run for either a Sup Org or an individual worker, and provide the employee’s NetID for easier follow up. We recommend Time & Absence Initiates and Time & Absence Approvers run one or both reports weekly to confirm time reported matches weekly scheduled hours and to catch potential overpayment or underpayment errors.

Please note: These reports do not track either hourly employees with 0% FTE or Medical Centers employees who track time in Kronos.

R0207 Weekly Unsubmitted & Unapproved Hours Audit: Units (most likely Time & Absence Approvers) can use this report to review a summary of the employee’s:

  • Weekly hours, as per FTE
  • Paid/Unpaid Time Off hours, plus regular work hours approved
  • Hours short of schedule
  • Unapproved hours worked
  • Unsubmitted hours worked
  • Unapproved Time Off

R0207.1 Weekly Reported Hours Audit: Units (most likely Time & Absence Initiates) can use this report for a more detailed look at the summarized data returned in R0207. In addition, this report also:

  • Flags anyone short on approved hours, for easier identification of potential errors
  • Provides the employee’s approved Time Off and work hours (including premiums and overtime)
  • Displays the employee’s work schedule calendar, for easier reconciliation to FTE

Note: Due to the enhanced functionality of these two new reports, the R0017 Validate Time Reported Matches Weekly Scheduled Hours report will be retired next month, mid-April 2019.