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Guidance: When Student Hourly Employees Go on Break, But Will Return

Last updated Thursday, February 14, 2019

In the case of hourly student employees who will be returning to their same jobs after a break, we recognize that terminating, re-hiring and then re-completing the Section 3 of the Form I-9 can be a significant administrative burden.

To make things easier, rather than terminating hourly undergraduate students who will not be working for a short period of time, units may choose to extend the End Employment Date and associated Compensation Actual End Date for the employee to keep them active in the system. The end dates should be extended to reflect the term of their full engagement of employment. As an example, if the student will return after summer for the entire next academic year, then they should be extended to June 15 of next year.

However, please understand that this practice is not without risks for overpayment and fraud. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure hours are not entered and approved during the time in which they are not scheduled to work. The best practice for minimizing the risk of overpayment and fraud continues to be terminating and re-hiring.

Please note: For graduate student employees, no similar workaround to the formal termination and rehire process exists; when not properly terminated and re-hired, unintended impacts to the student’s benefits eligibility can occur.