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Integrated Service Center

Identifying Employees with Essential Positions

Last updated Thursday, February 14, 2019

When the University suspends operations due to inclement weather or an emergency situation, some employees, as identified by their unit, must still report to work in order to perform essential services.

To identify which employees in your unit hold essential position designations, you can run the R0598 Essential Position Audit Report. The ISC has recently updated this report to run faster and more efficiently.

Please note: This report pulls all employees in a Sup Org, allowing you to see who is designated essential, who is not, and who still needs to be designated one way or the other (blanks). To quickly review who is considered essential, you can use the filter functionality to sort those with “Yes” in the Essential Positions column.

To update an employee’s Essential Position designation in Workday, see the Edit Position Restrictions – Staff Campus and Edit Position Restrictions – Medical Centers User Guides.

For more information about Suspended Operations and essential position designations, please see the UWHR’s Suspended Operations page.