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Integrated Service Center

Guidance: Suspended Operations Make-Up Time (February 2019)

Last updated Thursday, March 14, 2019

Due to inclement weather, on Monday, February 4 and Tuesday, February 5, campus operations were suspended for Seattle campus, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma.

If you have employees with questions about how to record time in Workday when operations are suspended, please let them know that Non-Exempt (overtime eligible) employees in non-essential positions may be approved to:

  • Work remotely and enter time in Workday as usual
  • Take a day of paid or unpaid time off (workers will request time off in Workday as usual)
  • Choose to make up the lost hours at a later date, but within 90 days of the suspended operations. Non-exempt workers should review the process detailed in the Suspended Operations Make-Up Time User Guide

Employees can find more information on the ISC’s Suspended Operations page, as well as on the UWHR website:  Suspended Operations.

If employees still have questions about how suspended operations works in Workday, they can email