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Integrated Service Center

Guidance: Switch Primary Jobs and When to Contact the ISC

Last updated Thursday, March 14, 2019

Many of you manage employees with multiple positions. What you may not know is that when you complete an Add Additional Job process in Workday, your HCM Service Partner receives a system notification alerting them that a Switch Primary Job may be necessary. This item, which appears as a “to-do” in the Service Partner’s Workday inbox, will prompt them to analyze if a Switch Primary Job is warranted. In these instance, you don’t need to submit a ticket to let us know that a switch primary may be needed – instead, Workday will do the work for you!

In general, you only need to send in a ticket asking your Service Partner to switch a primary job when an employee has multiple positions, and you need to end the one that is designated “primary.”  In this instance, it is advantageous to first communicate with the other department(s) who employ(s) the individual to learn if they plan on ending the other job(s) as well. If the other department(s) are not planning on making any changes, then you can request the ISC switch the “Primary Job” to an “Additional Job.” Once your Service Partners lets you know the switch is made, you will be then be able to end the job you support using the End Additional Job process.*

Of course, you may encounter other special scenarios when you may want your HCM Service Partner to consider a Switch Primary; in these instances, always feel free to reach out to your HCM Service Partner for advice.

*As a reminder, the Switch Primary Job process can only occur during certain times of a pay cycle, namely after the “Switch Primary Job Window Opens” date (the blue date) and before the “Switch Primary Job Window Closes” date (the orange date) on the Payroll and HCM Calendar.