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Integrated Service Center

Reminder: Use New Spreadsheets and New Online Form When Submitting Sup Org Change Requests

Last updated Thursday, February 14, 2019

The ISC is still regularly receiving Supervisory Organization (Sup Org) change requests using older versions of the Workday Sup Org Request spreadsheets and/or via email. As a reminder, the Sup Org change request was recently updated to help expedite the routing of Sup Org change requests: the spreadsheets were updated for each of the four scenarios for requesting Sup Org changes, AND a new online form for each of the four scenarios was created for submitting the appropriate spreadsheet.

Now when units need to request a Sup Org change, the HR/Academic Partner can use the appropriate spreadsheet and then submit it via the appropriate web form:

(Please note: to move student workers, follow the steps outlined in the Move Student Workers User Guide.)

If you have the old Sup Org change spreadsheets saved or bookmarked, please take a moment to save the new versions to your computer. You can always find the links to the four Workday Supervisory Organization Request spreadsheets and the corresponding online forms, along with detailed guidance, on the Supervisory Organizations page.


* Medical Centers employees continue to email when requesting Sup Org changes.