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Recording Holiday Time Off for 2019

Last updated Friday, March 15, 2019
Medical Centers Employees:
Medical Center employees report holiday hours time off in Kronos.

UW’s 2019 holiday schedule is now available in Workday. January is a great opportunity for employees to take a moment to log into Workday and record their Holiday Time Off in advance, even for the entire year. To avoid having to log in each holiday, or to avoid forgetting to enter holidays taken, employees can simply repeat steps 3-4 as outlined in the Holiday Taken Time Off Quick Guide to record this year’s holidays. All Holiday Time Off Requests are automatically approved.

Please note: Entering Holiday Taken Time Off in advance is NOT recommended for employees who regularly change FTE.

If employees do not enter holiday time off, they will accrue holiday credit for working on a UW holiday. For Classified Staff, any holiday credit that is not used by the June 30 deadline will be paid out annually via the Enter Absence-Cashout of Compensatory Time and Holiday Credit process.

For more information, visit the Recording Holiday Time Off page.