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New Intermittent FMLA Reason Code for Requesting Time Offs

Last updated Friday, March 15, 2019

Medical Centers Employees:
Medical Centers employees using Kronos should not request time off or leaves of absence in Workday.  Please follow your normal process.

Currently, when an employee is on approved Intermittent Leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and requests Time Off in Workday, they (or their Time and Absence Initiate) are supposed to enter “FMLA” in the Comments field before submitting their request; the HR Partner or Academic Partner then use these FMLA comments to identify which Time Off requests require FMLA Tracking Time Off entries.

Because tracking an employee’s FMLA Time Offs and entitlement balances is critical, the ISC has updated this process for designating which Time Offs are taken as part of their FMLA Intermittent Leave. Now, instead of trying to remember to add “FMLA” to the Comments field, employees will request the Time Off (eg, Vacation, Sick, Unpaid, etc) as usual, and then in the Details section of the Time Off request, they will choose “FMLA” from the “Reason” field drop down menu.

In addition, the R0490 LOA Tracking Audit Report will now display “FMLA” in a new column: Time Off Reasons. This addition to the report is designed to help HR Partners and Academic Partners more readily determine the dates for which they need to enter Tracking Time Offs for employees on Intermittent FMLA.

We recommend HR Partners and Academic Partners run this report on a regular basis to help ensure Tracking Time Offs are accurately entered in Workday.