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Coming Soon: “Paid Family and Medical Leave” Paycheck Deductions Start This January

Last updated Friday, March 15, 2019

Starting in January 2020, Washington will become the fifth state in the nation to offer paid family and medical leave benefits in the form of partial wage replacement to workers. Paid Family and Medical Leave is a mandatory statewide insurance program funded by premiums paid by employees and employers and will be administered by the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD). To fund this program, employees and employers across the state will begin paying premiums starting next month, in January 2019. Some employees at the University of Washington will see this deduction beginning on their January 10, 2019 paychecks, though employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement that expires June 30, 2019 will see this deduction reflected on their July 10, 2019 paycheck.

In preparation for this new premium collection, feel free to hang up or share this flyer, developed by Washington State’s Employment Security Department (ESD) and available in several different languages: Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Program is Starting Soon.

UWHR recently notified all paid employees at the University about the upcoming premium collections (you can read it here). Employees can also find more information – including details on how the premium is calculated, who qualifies for Paid Family and Medical Leave, and other answers to Frequently Asked Questions – on the Washington State’s Paid Family & Medical Leave website and the ESD’s Paid Family and Medical Leave webpages.